A Slumbered Geyser

The rising of your chest

Like the bubbling

Of molten lava, which burns

Underneath by a heart

That bloats, and pumps into channels

Where warm, red waters rush;

Like the times when anger

Shows red in your face.

These nights when I wait for you

To drift off to sleep

Your hot breath gets steadier.

Like a slumbered geyser, steam

From a peaked, pink spout

Warms the moonlit air above your face,

And I remember how my ears get hot

When you laugh at my jokes.

Would you ever notice

My abrasive desire?

It is a wave that crashes,

Foaming white and misty

Onto your jagged shore.

Would you ever grab

For my hand in the night

When your thoughts and dreams are of me?

About Ry

It's so magical, it's gay.
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