The Fashion Of My Love

Alanis Morissette released a song on her 2002 album Under Rug Swept titled “21 Things I Want in a Lover.” It must be nice to be a rock star, because a regular ole guy like me can’t be that choosey. Here are the 10 things that I like in my mates:
1. Has a job
2. Has a car (In a city like Dallas, this is imperative)
3. Gets along with my friends
4. Has passion about something (art, music, glitter, cats, me, etc.)
5. Motivates himself
6. Likes to take pictures
7. Not too serious
8. Has nice hands
9. Likes to be outdoors
10. Multi-faceted

Hm, I think I even require these things in my friends.

About Ry

It's so magical, it's gay.
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1 Response to The Fashion Of My Love

  1. That I Would Be Good... says:

    10 things you want in a lover?? You sound like a Narcissus and maybe one day You Learn that All You Really Want is someone who isn’t filled with Precious Illusions and for you to stop being Head Over Feet for guys who see Right Through You because you Oughta Know that most men are just plain Crazy and Flinch alot.

    …sigh. That felt good. Hadn’t done that in a while.

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