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Forget Me Knot

I get frustrated at my own forgetfulness. I’m clumsy at times, too. But at least with clumsiness you can laugh about it. If I lose my keys or my wallet I just lose time. Then, I’m late to the places … Continue reading

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5 Reasons I Should’ve Known I Was Gay From The Beginning

Growing up, I guess I never really thought about who I was in my sexuality. I knew I liked boys, but I didn’t equate that to a clean-cut label branded over my heart. I knew I seemed different than other … Continue reading

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Mission: Happiness

We all find our own ways to be happy. Sometimes, we even get the chance to find it when we’re not even looking, like the other day when I found an extra quarter in the vending machine return slot. There … Continue reading

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I’ll Try

This is a work in progress needing several more drafts. I just needed to get it out there. If I ever tried to love you I’d tell you That your eyes are fearless like green tigers With stripes of ivy … Continue reading

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I Love Bathroom Graffiti

All you heteros are just playing into our gay agenda.

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