Human Body

I heard once that our brains
have a way of detecting someone else’s lips even in the dark.
I wish I had known where my mind was
the night I thought I could muster up
the courage to kiss you.
It wasn’t even dark, damnit!
But I couldn’t find myself getting close enough to you
or find the strength to release the tape
that I put on my timid mouth to keep my lips
from embarrassing me.

You know,
we crave kisses because, like chocolate and oysters,
they say kissing is an aphrodisiac;
(or at least they say like oysters, though
I always feel like I look weird when I eat them. Like
watching the guy in the car next to you picking his nose),
They say kissing
is a morphine for the heart
that can take away all its cuts and bruises.
Remember when your mother told you she’d kiss your boo-boos goodbye
and make them better?
I guess it’s kinda like that. Though I
couldn’t tell you ’cause my mom told me once,
“Hey kid, let me kiss your wounds.”


Actually, she didn’t know how to say goodbye (maybe she had tape on her lips too),
but she did know how to leave a nasty bruise
that stretched from the Pacific to the Atlantic.
You know,
if you could take an artery from your heart
then link all of your blood vessels together in a strand, they would stretch
for sixty-thousand miles;
your body could grasp the earth two and a half times.

That night I tried to kiss you,
I thought my heart would bust from the frustration I felt
thinking that moment was my only hope.
But the heart is an amazing thing. Every day,
it pumps about 100,000 times,
even on your bad days, and
even on your sad days.
It keeps on beating the same way
I feel like I should keep reaching for you.
I’m 28 years old (okay, 28.5), so that’s
over one-billion heartbeats I’ve spent.
But they say,
we have about 2.5 billion heartbeats in a lifetime,
so I’ve got time to catch you
’cause I’m only halfway there.

About Ry

It's so magical, it's gay.
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2 Responses to Human Body

  1. SFP says:

    Ah, I love ‘your body could grasp the earth two-and-a-half times’. It’s a very warm thought that we are born with the capacity and strength for loving all and caring for the totality of man-heck, living-kind. Beautiful poem. I hope I will be reading so much more from you for years to come. I love you, Ryan!

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