John Hegarty And Magic

“Never forget that magic is an elusive force. Sometimes exasperating in its creation, it is generated by confidence and certainty. It takes swagger, madness, absurdity; it requires encouragement, irreverence, and positivity. Magic doesn’t come about by menacing people.”

John Hegarty, from his book “Hegarty on Advertising: Turning Intelligence into Magic.”

I love this man. I love that he considers himself an “incorrigible optimist” even in a world that is falling apart. I hope to become that.

In an interview he did with Independent in 2005, he says says about the consumer market: “The making of wine is a perfect metaphor for how our consumer society should progress: Yeast eats sugar and shits alcohol. What we have to do is look at how we turn one thing into something else that has value. That is the way forward.”

No truer words have been spoken.

You can read the interview here:

I dare you to read it and not walk away with at least a dozen one-liners to keep you going for a year.

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