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Jumping Gay Walrus

Just be glad you’re not on the south shore with his cousin: The raping gay walrus.

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River: Revised

Do you remember the night we felt so high you said you wanted to touch the moon? Remember how you tried, but couldn’t? That was the night you asked me to be the man of your dreams. But you see, … Continue reading

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In marketing, they always tell you to be specific. For instance, this sign clearly shows that this is the zone where you are allowed to feed handicapped people to alligators.

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Love Is In The Air

Valentine’s Day. One day, yet it makes the whole month feel like the month of love. Coincidentally, it also happens to be Black History Month. It’s hard to avoid the overflowing red and pink, heart patterns, and sweets galore. For … Continue reading

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Apology List

When I think about our year together, I always come back to the end. Sometimes, I think our goodbye just wasn’t good enough. We were both so wrong, you know. We were both so punch-drunk happy that only after a … Continue reading

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