Love Is In The Air

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Valentine’s Day. One day, yet it makes the whole month feel like the month of love. Coincidentally, it also happens to be Black History Month. It’s hard to avoid the overflowing red and pink, heart patterns, and sweets galore. For so long, I hated this holiday. Damn St. Valentine and his damn cupids, with their fucking arrows. I’m comfortable enough to admit that it was probably spite. I’m usually pretty okay with lovey-dovey stuff, except for PDA, which gives me the same feeling I get when I am faced with danger or confrontation. But Valentine’s Day always bothered me.

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No longer do I waste my energies bothered by Sir Valentine. Sure, I’m not in love. But I shouldn’t be malcontent because of it, that would make me selfish. And selfishness is not a good color on anyone (When I see that word, it looks like that really gross shade of chartreuse that is only compatible with its own color). Instead, I want to acknowledge how others I know have fallen in love and celebrate that. It’s because of my parents’ love that my family has been able to stick together through trialing times; My best friend Raj’ae and her husband Travis shared their adoration for each other just over a year ago, and I was lucky enough to experience that; Sara and Jaime have been together for so long now and have a beautiful family. Even though I’m not close to my family by distance, they always make me feel like I have family here. And to all the wonderful budding relationships I get to see with all of my dear friends: Your happiness warms my heart and inspires me to love others as you do (that kind of makes me sound like a slut).

In times like these, it’s important to do all you can to be happy. Love each other. It’s one of the only things in life you can control. Happy Valentine’s Day lovers!


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