A Never Ending – Draft Two

When we met that September,
you told me that fall is your favorite time of year.
We were broken and stumbling.
It was the only season we’d fully share together.
But it was the first time in months
I found the strength to write again.
Before that, I thought I’d never find the courage to write another line.

You never liked what I wrote for you.

You never liked how I spoke to you,
never understood what I desired to show you.
You never thought you’d find release.
You didn’t find comfort
when I was finally released from the pain.
We never knew we were only a season.
You never wanted to let go.
I never wanted to let you go, you know.
I never meant to free myself so far
from who you thought I was.
Maybe I never loved the struggle like you,
and maybe
you never loved me.
Maybe we didn’t try hard enough.
We never knew there would be an ending.
We never saw the cloudy day we always were,
we never found our shine.
We never believed in what could be,
but in the end
we only believed in what couldn’t.

We never knew our season would be short.
You never knew how easy it would be to find someone else.
I never knew how much that’d hurt.
But I would never, ever admit it.

About Ry

It's so magical, it's gay.
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