Stuck in Memphis

When Ptolemy looked up
into the night sky,
he gazed at two glowing stars
and casted them as the faces of
Castor and Pollux.
Some would’ve called him lucky.
It’s not every day we get to
find a bright mind to connect to.

The same stars fill the sky the night
a tremendous weather system blows into Tennessee
and heads eastward,
carrying both snow and severe storms.
They call it Gemini.
Inside the storm,
a man crosses the Mississippi.
The warnings leave him stranded in a small hotel,
in a small Memphis suburb,
far from what he could ever call home.
He looks into the bathroom mirror,
an overhead lamp cast a dull glow
on his weathered skin.
Crouching over the sink,
he begins to count the lines on his face
the way a dog licks his wounds.
But that night he looks more tired than usual,
deep creases that created a relief of time,
like dried wood on a railroad track.

According to Greek legend,
Theseus desired Helen of Troy (sister of the twins)
to make a home with her in Athens.
The Gemini twins rescued her and returned her to Sparta;
we all have a different idea of home.

It was as if the two-headed storm
trailed the man’s path in order to wash away
an past he wasn’t willing to understand.
We don’t always get to know the ending
to all of our stories.
And with his head cloudy,
his thoughts brewing,
he opens a leather-bound journal
and sits down to write lines of poetry
around the lines of love letters
he’d never have the will to send.
He wondered if he’d left too much of his heart
where he once thought home was;
wondering if all he has left
is his second beginning.

About Ry

It's so magical, it's gay.
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1 Response to Stuck in Memphis

  1. alli5452 says:

    <3. Deep and cavernous emotions, an endless pit of storms and triumph. Love your voice.

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