I’m pretty sure hangovers shouldn’t feel this catastrophic.

This beer bottle belly,
it’s seen its fair share of action;
Shots two by two down the hatch,
while King Kong climbing buildings to the top.
I can’t remember who that is in the photo,
but lord knows I probably shared my Genesis story.

All the photos,
just as blurry as I remember them.
Some would even make J. Edgar Hoover blush.
They say you’ll always want to save those images for a rainy day.
I sure haven’t seen a lot of rain around,
but the last time I saw the sun

I kept my eyes closed

the whole time.

The ringing in my ears,

bubble-headed at 6am, orange filters in
and my head spins.
The fizz finally runs out
and all the memories just fade
and fade.

About Ry

It's so magical, it's gay.
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