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5 Sexy Halloween Costumes That Didn’t Make It

Sexy Octogenarian Sexy Crazy Cat Lady Sexy Ann Coulter Sexy Open-Heart Surgeon Sexy George Washington PS: I love you Angela Lansbury. I will do your make-up next time.

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5 More Halloween Costume Ideas

Allison Goldfrapp Clown Hot-Air Balloon Rider: A basket around my waist with a balloon tied above. David Hasselhoff From “Knight Rider” The Man in The Yellow Hat A Candy Shop: Tie/Tape/Glue/Staple/Surgically-implant candy onto a candy-striped outfit.

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5 Halloween Costume Ideas

Solid Gold Disco Bee Clarissa Explains It All Abraham Lincoln on the Penny (I’d be bronzed) The Ghost of Christmas Consumerism A-Doe-A-Deer-A-Female-Deer

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